Date: Saturday March 7, 2020

Purpose:     To continue the conversations begun at Chapter about governance. Through a process of prayer, reflection and dialogue, we will look at some of the underlying issues related to governance and affirm the values articulated in the Direction Statement of active participation, accountability and mutual empowerment. We believe that these conversations will be the foundation for whatever structure is eventually created.

Preparation Material:

Individual Preparation:

I.     Spend time with our 2019 Chapter Direction.

a.  As you reflect on the language of the statement, what does it say about our desire to move into a future that you cannot yet see?

b. What are the words that lay claim on you, inspire you and offer something to which you aspire?

II.    Allow those words to be a lens for you as you read the articles.

III.    As you reflect on the readings through the lens of our Direction Statement, please consider:

a. What are you hearing in the articles that could provide a framework for thinking about governance in light of our Direction Statement?

b. What are the aspects of governance reflected in the readings that appear to be in sync with the values of active participation, accountability and mutual empowerment articulated in our Direction Statement?

Local Community Preparation

Please schedule a time to meet prior to March 7th to share your reflections.