Spirituality is about our personal relationship with God. Retreats offer time away to focus on that relationship. For many, the noise in our lives may make it difficult to hear God’s voice. The quiet, unhurried pace of a retreat allows you to slow down, unplug and withdraw from everyday life to cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

Whether you are a first-time retreatant or have attended multiple retreats, one of the spiritual directors may guide you on your spiritual journey at our sponsored ministries along the New Jersey shore. Both Saint Joseph by-the-Sea Retreat House in Sea Isle City and the Sisters of Saint Joseph Center for Spirituality in Ocean Grove offer silent directed and silent guided retreats.

A directed retreat is a­ one-on-one experience. A director meets with the retreatant each day to reflect on the interior movements of the retreatant’s prayer and to discern with the retreatant the presence of the Spirit. The only communal gathering is at meals. It is suggested that one have some knowledge and experience of a shorter silent directed retreat prior to participation in an extended directed retreat.

A silent guided retreat is based on a theme and may have one or several directors who provide daily input to the group. Considerable time for personal prayer is included. While silence is usually observed, there may be some time for sharing.

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