Beyond the Habit Podcast Episodes

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Episode 4 – What is Enough? – This week we speak with Elizabeth Garlow, one of the co-founders of the Francesco Collaborative, about building a new kind of economy and what it means to live a simple life. Sister Sarah Simmons joins us to unpack the episode as we consider our relationships with money and our communities.

Episode 3 – I’ll Pray on It
- In this episode we speak with Mary Novak, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, about social justice in DC, the difficulties of being a woman in the church, and the importance of community.

Episode 2 – Lightning in a Bottle- 
In part two of our interview with Sister Helen Prejean, we talk about the vows, especially the vow of chastity, as well as Sister Helen’s upcoming plans. We also ask a set of lightning round questions where Sister Helen keeps us on our toes. Finally, we unpack the episode along with guest Sister Sarah Simmons.

Episode 1 – Sneaky Jesus – In our first episode, Sisters Erin and Colleen interview Sister Helen Prejean, renowned anti-death penalty activist, about sisterhood and her work. Learn more about Sister Helen and listen to part one of this two part episode today!