Coordinator of Villa Mission Integration- Flourtown, PA

Title:Coordinator of Villa Mission Integration

Reports to: President of Saint Joseph Villa

Summary: The Coordinator of Mission Integration is responsible for the integration of the mission/vision/values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph into all aspects of life for Villa employees.​​​​​​​​​

Essential Functions:

1. Strives to ensure that SSJ mission/vision/values are creatively integrated into Villa culture:
Presents strategies or plans to accomplish this integration to the Villa President,in conjunction with the SSJ Mission Integration Coordinator
Participates in employee orientation activities in collaboration with the Villa President
Develops on-going education and formation regarding the Mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph
Plans activities with department heads regarding ways to integrate SSJ mission/vision/values into aspects of community life in each neighborhood
2. Collaborates with the Coordinator of Spiritual Services and the Pastoral Care Team in planning activities:
To foster respect for the diverse religious and cultural heritages of employees
To celebrate our Mission with Villa personnel especially on special feasts and significant occasions
To engender a sense of partnership in mission” with all employees of the Villa community  
3. Attends to and is responsive to employees and families in times of need
4. Performs other tasks as requested by Administration


Education:Bachelor’s Degree in Theology or some related field of study


Commitment to and understanding of the Congregation’s identity, mission, and values; ability to develop ways to integrate SSJ themes (e.g., Chapter, etc.) into Villa culture
Creativity in adjusting to employee time constraints
Adherence to and respect for confidentiality
Strong verbal and written communication skills; proficiency in Microsoft Office
Preferred experience in mission-related ministry

Please contact S. Irene Dunn at by July 1st if you are interested in this position:  Coordinator of Villa Mission Integration.