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Bonnie Kozemchak, SSJ Associate in Mission

Bonnie Kozemchak, SSJ Associate in Mission, shares…
Cease Fire May 7, 2024, Harrisburg, PA
560 individuals and groups, representing concerned Pennsylvanians from across the entire state, convened on the Capitol to let our representatives hear our concerns on gun safety. The Joseph Family was represented and gave voice to the Dear Neighbor.

My connections to gun violence are both professional and personal. No one should have to remove a loaded handgun from a five-year-old’s hands and no one should have to identify the body of a loved one with a gun shot through the head. I met several mothers carrying photos of their child now a statistic instead of getting married. There were the walking wounded disguised as teens. Medical, social, spiritual, and environmental workers shared tales that should keep you up at night.

We were scheduled to meet with our state representatives and senators. Some were available and some were not. I live in a rural area where Second Amendment rights falsely color discussions on safety. The floor debate concluded with nothing being changed. We continue to plead, “Use your words, not your bullets”, “Love your children more than your enemies” and please let Love be your motivation.

“We, SSJ Associates in Mission, are aware of God’s urgent longing for our mission of unioning love to transform the world in our times…”